Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We love the outdoors. They don't call it Great for nothing. And on our adventures through forests and over mountains, 
we've come across bothies - little houses, left open, that provide refuge for wayfarers. A roof over our heads; a shelter from the weather; a place to rest, eat and warm up; a haven. So we got to thinking. Wouldn't it be great, if a coffee house could feel just like that.

Like kicking off your boots after a long day's hike. Or sips of hot coffee by the fire. Like anything is possible and just about anything could happen. 

And so, Bothy was born.

We want you to wander in, settle back and unwind. Curl up and read a book, or just enjoy the solitude. Be ambitious; be optimistic; tell stories; laugh. Escape, imagine, make plans. Pause and regroup. Take a detour and take your time, because everyone needs a breather.